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harmonic Consultation & Formula™

  • 1 hour
  • 75 Canadian dollars
  • Online | In Person | Phone Consultation

Service Description

A harmonic flower essence consultation is a serene and personalized journey into the realm of nature's healing energies. It begins with a gentle exploration of your emotional landscape, understanding your unique temperament, and the areas where you seek balance and harmony. Through thoughtful conversation and intuitive insight, we discern the essence that resonates with your inner being, aligning with the subtle energies of specific flowers to address emotional imbalances. Each essence embodies the essence of either a single or a complex flower blend's vibrational energy, offering a gentle yet powerful support system to restore equilibrium and promote emotional well-being. This consultation is a harmonious dance between nature's wisdom and your inner essence, crafting a bespoke remedy to nurture your emotional and spiritual growth.

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