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PHYTO eXTRx™ by Dr. Tisa


PHYTO eXTRx™ are a groundbreaking herbal complex designed to optimize well-being through the power of nature. Crafted meticulously by blending ancient wisdom with modern scientific innovation, this uniquely formulated Complex remedy harnesses nine potent healing properties of botanical extracts and vibrational frequencies found in Herbal Mother Tinctures, Crystal Infusions,  Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, Organotherapy, Flower Extracts, Essential Oils, Hydrolats and Visual Attunements.


Dr. Tisa's formulation integrates a fusion of carefully selected phyto extracts known for their therapeutic benefits, aiming to support various aspects of one's health. Whether it's enhancing immune function, promoting vitality, or aiding in stress relief, PHYTO eXTRx™ offers a truly wholistic approach to wellness.


Its unique composition, enriched with bioactive compounds, works synergistically to provide a natural boost to the body's resilience and vitality. Dr. Tisa's herbal complexes stand as a testament to the potential of herbal remedies in fostering a balanced and thriving lifestyle through a new paradigm of wellness!


Our Remedy Complex

Our Herbal remedy complexes are formulas of potentized natural tinctures primarily made of water and wild plant extracts. They are based in water, vegetable glycerin and alcohol formulations.


Ingredients: Love, Mother Tinctures, Gemmotherapies, Homeopathic Remedies, Hydrolat / Hydrolat Blend, Flower Extracts, Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol (Beet).



1. inSpire Me: Lung Support

2. It's a Sweet Life: Pancreas Support

3. I'm ain't PRESS'd: HBP Support

4. ...workin' iT: Brain Support

5. *Personally ME.: Your Own Personal Complex Support


PHYTO eXTRx™ by Dr. Tisa