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Miss Janie's Womb & Yoni Love. 

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"Miss Janie's Womb & Yoni Love" teas and products by APRWI are specially crafted herbal blends and wellness items designed to support women's reproductive health and overall well-being.


These products incorporate traditional herbal remedies and modern science to address various aspects of women's health, including menstrual support, hormonal balance, and reproductive system vitality.


Each tea blend is formulated with high-quality, organic ingredients, focusing on natural solutions to promote a holistic approach to wellness. APRWI's commitment to women's health is reflected in the thoughtful creation of these products, aiming to provide nurturing and effective care for women at different stages of their lives.


Tea Blends

Womb Teas

Ingested Orally, enjoyed by drinking hot with honey & lots of love.


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Yoni  LOVE Teas:

Ingested Vaginally, through Steaming or Traditionally Douching with love.


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Miss Janie's Womb & Yoni Love.