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Gemmotherapy Remedies


What does Gemmo mean?

Gemmo means the "bud" of trees and plants, and "therapy," from ancient Greek, means medical treatment and healing. In gemmotherapy for animals, the extracts of the buds and rootlets extracts contain more than just a composite of vitamins and minerals.


What Is Gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy remedies are a form of herbal medicine that utilizes extracts from the buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs. These extracts are rich in plant stem cells, growth factors, and other active compounds. Gemmotherapy is believed to harness the potent healing properties present in these embryonic tissues, offering a unique approach to supporting various aspects of health.


These remedies are often prepared in glycerin and alcohol solutions and are used in very low doses. Advocates suggest that gemmotherapy can support the body's natural regenerative processes, aid in detoxification, and help address a wide range of health concerns, including immune support, inflammation, and metabolic imbalances.


However, scientific evidence supporting its efficacy is limited, and it's typically used as part of complementary or alternative medicine practices. They are offered in Liquid.


Our remedies come in an amber bottle of 60 ML or 125 ML sizes and are priced accordingly.


Boiron Gemmotherapy Remedy (Single):

Each Homeopathic Remedy Single is a blend of nature-sourced extracts that support the cellular restoration of your physical, mental and emotional health through gentle stimulation on a vibrational level.


Ingredients: Medicinal Ingredients (various plant-based sources) and Non-Medicinal Ingredient: Glycerin, Medic