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7 Day Forgiveness Course™




7 Days


About the Course

The 7 Day Forgiveness Course™ was developed by Dr. Tisa Muhammad and is a transformative journey of self-healing and personal growth. This unique challenge encourages individuals to embark on a week-long exploration of forgiveness, aiming to release the burdens of grudges and resentments that may be holding them back.

Each day, participants are prompted to reflect on different aspects of forgiveness, such as self-forgiveness, forgiving others, and letting go of past hurts. By actively engaging in forgiveness practices and self-reflection, participants can experience profound emotional and mental shifts, ultimately leading to greater inner peace, improved relationships, and increased emotional well-being.

The 7 Day Forgiveness Course™ empowers individuals to embrace the power of forgiveness, offering a path toward healing, liberation, and a brighter, more positive future. Join us in this necessary technology for a happier you!

Your Instructor

Dr. Tisa Muhammad, DNM®

Dr. Tisa Muhammad, DNM®, has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine® and has a breadth of experience in one's ability for healing beyond Life's traumas!

Dr. Tisa Muhammad, DNM®
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