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QuaTrõ Kit by APRWI™

QuaTrõ Kits by APRWI™

4 Elements Wellness Kit


This is simply YOU in a box, complete with your Body-Mind-Spirit Formulae which includes the following:


I. Boiron Homeopathic Remedy Complex:

Each Homeopathic Remedy Complex is a blend of nature-sourced extracts that support the cellular restoration of your physical, mental and emotional health through gentle stimulation on a vibrational level.


Ingredients: Medicinal Ingredients (various nature-based sources) and Non-Medicinal Ingredient: Alcohol.


II. Flower Remedy Complex:

Flower remedy complexes are formulas of natural tinctures made of water and wild plant extracts. They are based in water and alcohol formulations.


Ingredients: Plant extracts, Water, Glycerin & 27% Brandy Alcohol.


III. Personal-i-Tea Compound:

A compound formulation of various herbs, minerals, nutrients and herbal extract