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Dyna-Flow™ CABLES for CLASSIC/MAX Arrays

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Dyna-Flow™ CABLES for CLASSIC/MAX Arrays

About the product

100% STAINLESS STEEL Turbo Insert Plate for BOTH CLASSIC & MAX Dyna-Flow™ Arrays.
  • Suitable for the OUTER PLATES of both the Dyna-Flow™ CLASSIC ARRAY & MAX ARRAY.
  • Easily Replaces deteriorated DynaFlow Arrays!
  • Fits ALL Dyna-Flow™ Ionic Body Balancer Arrays!

Product description
This is our Ionic Body Balancer Cable for use with either the Dyna-Flow™ CLASSIC ARRAY or the Dyna-Flow™ MAX ARRAY. One (1) Extra Long (5 feet) Cable w/ 24k plated GOLD Connectors connecting to the Power Unit! Our Cables use only 100% OXYGEN FREE COPPER WIRE for maximum efficiency!