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Dr. Tisa's Wholistic Assessment II ™ (Followup)


Dr. Tisa's Wholistic Assessment II ™ (Followup)

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Dr. Tisa's Wholistic Assessment II

Duration: 30 Mins.

What is it?

A  FOLLOWUP Consultation is conducted by a Wholistic Healthcare Practitioner within one week of the Initial Wholistic Assessment/ReAssessment.  Your current health program is discussed and/or adjusted according to the findings from results of the previous week's visit. Your Assessment is with Dr. Tisa Muhammad.

A 90 Day Whole Body Health Plan is given which includes simple Dietary Suggestions, Nutrients, Daily Affirmations and Health/Life Coaching. This may also include Ionic Body Detoxification, Wholistic Massage, Acupuncture and/or other Health Enhancements.

What does it involve?
A simple health assessment is followed up with either a continuation or an adjustment of an Initial 90 day Health Program including Dietary Suggestions, Nutrients, Affirmations and Health Coaching within one week of the Initial Wholistic Assessment/Reassessment.

At the completion of the visit, another Followup is scheduled within two weeks to assess the progress of the 90 Day Whole Body Health Plan.

There is a cost involved with each month afterwards (Wholistic Health Support Coach) which will be discussed.

Wholistic Assessment I


Disclaimer: This  is NOT a MEDICAL EXAMINATION. This is NOT DONE by a Licensed Medical Physician. This is NOT a DIAGNOSIS. This is not meant to replace your current healthcare program provided by a Licensed Medical Practitioner. Please consult with your Physician as needed.

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