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Iridology Assessment II (Followup)
Iridology Assessment II (Followup)
Iridology Assessment II (Followup)


Iridology Assessment II (Followup)

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What does it involve?
During this assessment, your EYES will be assessed for specific IRIDOLOGY signs of under-activity, inflammation, weaknesses or imbalance in specific Organs or Systems.

This is a non-invasive procedure which can be done in person or with the submission of photos of both your RIGHT and LEFT IRIS (COLORED part of the eye) and SCLERA (WHITE part of the eye).

At the conclusion of your IRIS ASSESSMENT, you will have a Wholistic Health Program for 90 days prepared and suggestions for Nutrients, Lifestyle choices, Exercise, Diet, etc.

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THIS CAN BE DONE LOCALLY or VIA PHONE, once images have been emailed.

This is not meant to replace any MEDICAL ADVICE.  Please consult with your physician for any medical issues.