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Chadian Chebe Powder Mix
Chadian Chebe Powder Mix
Chadian Chebe Powder Mix

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Chadian Chebe Powder Mix

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This traditional African Hair Growth Mixture originates in the East African Country of Chad.  Used for centuries of time by local women to grow healthy long and lustrous hair, Chebe (Shebe) has become a popular part of anyone seeking to grow long,  healthy tresses naturally. 

100% Natural ingredients:
Chebe (Croton zambesicus gratissimus), Cherry kernels (Prunus mahaleb), Clove powder (Syzygium aromaticum) 

Simple Chebe Hair Oil Recipe

Ingredients Needed:
2 tsp Chadian Chebe Powder Mix
1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Food Grade Natural Oil
Strainer/ Cotton Gauze
30 drops of one or a combination of Essential Oils of your choice (Suggested: Rosemary, Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Peppermint, Spearmint)
1 sealable thick-walled glass jar| Canning Jar

Place the Chadian Chebe Powder Mix in a glass or metal bowl with a cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or any food grade oil of your choice. 

Make a double boiler by placing a small stainless-steel pot of water on the stove and carefully placing the bowl in the water, making sure that the water is halfway beneath the lip of the bowl, so it will not get in to the bowl. 

Turn the heat up to a very low temperature and heat the mixture never letting it boil, just gently warming the mixture. Turn off stove and allow it to cool down until it is slightly warmer than room temperature.

Place the Strainer/ Cotton Gauze over the Glass jar and then carefully pour the warm oil through the Strainer/Gauze and squeeze out the oil from the remaining powder mixture into the thick-walled glass | Canning jar.

Add an essential oil of your choice and use once a week on moist hair.