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Breathe Happy Tea™
Breathe Happy Tea™

A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute™

Breathe Happy Tea™

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Breathe HappyTea

According to recent studies, deaths due to Chronic Respiratory illness have increased to over 30% since 1980 to 2014 in the United States. What has changed in our lives that has contributed to these issues? 

The introduction of several compounds, chemicals and other additives to our diets, water and air may be the least of our concerns, not to mention the emotional toll that comes with the stress of increased unemployment and other factors that the recent pandemic may have caused, can not be overlooked either.

This formula contains several nutrients that are beneficial to restoring and supporting exceptional Lung Health. Contains Baobab, Slippery Elm, Kola Nut and more, as well as promoting better Lung Detoxification, Blood Purification and more. Soothing & Warming.


Available also in capsules.