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Remote Chakra ReActivation (Phone Consultation)™
Remote Chakra ReActivation (Phone Consultation)™


Remote Chakra ReActivation (Phone Consultation)™

$50.00 $30.00

DURATION: 30 mins.

Which Chakra or chakras are out of alignment? The answers are simple and attainable. We provide this insight as well as the suggestions and daily affirmations to correct core underlying issues.

Our session includes a discussion of your fears, desires and goals as well as Chakras out of alignment.  We work on distant retuning and focusing. 

Where will your Chakra Realignment take you? Get tuned in and Stay tuned....

For Phone consultations ONLY
Chakra Teas by the Chakra Teas Co. are provided as needed with a 10% discount cost ONLY with this service. Shipping & Handling fees apply.

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Price varies according to services needed: See price list.