"Are YOU READY...to RiSE?!"
"Are YOU READY...to RiSE?!"
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⦿ Sis. Nicole, CHHC

Experience your Wholistic Assessments with Sis Nicole Muhammad,  a Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Spiritual Reader, Womb Wellness Warrior & Consultant and Restorative Life Coach.

Sis Nicole is an Energy Worker who specializes in formulating prayers designed for your particular circumstances. She is Spiritually trained in assists in Past Life Regressions, Present Life Support & Clarification as well as Life Journeying & Planning. 

You can schedule to have an overall Health Assessment and Wholistic Wellness Restorative Program designed for you and your family today.
~You have the ability to heal yourself!~


15 Min. Quick Health Assessment $25
30 Min. Health Consultation $45
60 Min. Health Assessment $85
1 hour & 30 Min. Complete Health Assessment $125
Life Coaching (Flat Rate $60/ hour or $1.19/Min) $1.19/Min.
Life Reading & Direction (Flat Rate $100/hour or $2/Min) $2/Min.
Chakra Clearing/Energy Assessment 30 Min. $60
Chakra Clearing/Energy Assessment 60 Min. $110
Chakra Clearing/Energy Assessment 1 hour & 30 Min. $160
Health Support & Maintenance Program (Initial Cost) 60 Min. $85
Monthly Maintenance Program (Ongoing Consultation, Support & Adjustment) $45/month
90 Day ReAssessment of Program/ Adjustments etc. $75

Before seeking advice, please pay for your service.  All Wellness is based on a Mutual Respect for Time & Energy. Thank You for your consideration of the time & energy shared with you.

~ APRWI Staff ~