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igarab! gui

In Senegal in August of 2013, igarab! gui, was founded collectively by Dr. Tisa Muhammad & Papa Abdou Faye.  Wolof for "that tree!", "garab" is a term that refers to the amazing wondrous power of nature to heal us, beyond our very imagination!  
True to the name, our products are sourced accordingly and obtained directly from Africa.  These herbs are "organic by default" and Wild-crafted, cultivated in nature and gathered, dried and packaged with the love.
Enjoy and share freely!
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igarab! gui Café Tūbā 

 Called the "Best kept Secret of Senegal", Café Touba, "Touba Coffee", was lovingly blended, hand-crafted, roasted and ground by its founder, holy man and Founder of Touba, Senegal, Sufi Sheikh Amadou Bamba Mbacké in 1902.

Known as the "Chai of Coffee" this gourmet spiced coffee, a delicious blend of Arabica Coffee, grains of Selim (Djar) and Cloves, is a delight to those seeking a beverage that can easily replace their morning coffee or tea with health benefits.
Product of Senegal.



igarab! gui Herbs

Bio-dynamically sourced, Wild-Crafted and Organic by Default Single Herbs available in Capsules, Powders or in some cases Cut & Sifted.