"Are YOU READY...to RiSE?!"
"Are YOU READY...to RiSE?!"
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⦿ Dr. Rouguy Balde, M.D.

 Dr. Rouguy Balde, is a Medical Doctor trained in Guinea, is also a Practitioner of Traditional Healing Medicine who specializes in coaching and counselling.  Her focus is also on Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health.  She combines Western and Traditional ways to achieve a wholistic healing for the patient.  She seeks to build a good relationship through the patient's centred framework.

An International Humanitarian Award winner with 20 years of experience in Coaching, Mentoring and Community Development, Dr. Blade dedicates her time in supporting others and the community in achieving their goals and reaching their life’s Purpose.

At an early age, Dr. Balde discovered her gifts and abilities in uplifting and empowering friends and siblings alike. As she matured, her vision and life purpose became clear.

Upon graduating with honours in 2000 in Guinea, Dr. Balde took a position with Doctors Without Borders - in this capacity  she worked as a physician with Sierra Leone Refugees. In this role, she expected to change the life of her patients, rather her patients had a great impact in her life.  After completion of her contract, Dr Baldé returned to Conakry, where she joined The Sexual and Reproductive National Program, working on Maternal and Child Health in 2003, enabling the most marginalized communities to access affordable and quality care in rural and peri-urban communities. In 2003, Dr. Balde also obtained a scholarship from the Belgium Government and completed a Master of Public Health in 2004 at Université Libre de Bruxelles.


Shortly, Dr. Balde moved to The United States, where she worked as Health Promotion Specialist. In 2011, she Graduated from University of Northern Virginia with Honours in Master of Business Administration. Dr. Balde developed and implemented numerous programs including the Holistic Mental Health Program for women newcomers in the Washington DC area. In 2013 Dr. Balde emigrated to Canada, where she is now working as Public Health Specialist, Corporate Coaching and supporting members of the community. 2017, Dr. Balde designed and implemented the Young Black Women’s Project, a successful and very unique project with great recognition in a very short period of time. 

Dr. Balde is still very attached to her African roots, mother to two amazing boys, while embracing the North American lifestyle. Dr. Balde’s dedication in advocating for health equity, human development and mental health is still one of her great passions. 

Dr. Blade's unique blended experiences allows her to draw from those same experiences in supporting and guiding her clients to the best of theirselves. Besides speaking both French and English, she is also fluent in many West African dialects, loves cooking, journaling, connecting with people and supporting diverse communities.