Freshwater Pearl Powder

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Freshwater Pearl Powder


Benefits of Freshwater Pearl Powder:
The health benefits of Pearl, date back to before 320 B.C. to
the time of Empress Wu Zetian who, among many notable
women of her time, used it for its antioxidant-boosting,
regenerative and youthful benefits.

Notably rich in over 30
Trace Minerals, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, selenium,
silica, Amino acids. These are nutrients that are responsible
for restoring healthy brain, hormones, immune systems and
skin. A magnificent wound-healer, pearl possesses the ability to heal the cardiovascular system, the renal system, urinary system and the hepatic systems of your body. Known to neutralize poison, lower acidity and heal indigestion, pear has an effective tonification on the body. The antioxidants superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione, makes this also a SUPERFOOD that is rich in conchiolin, which helps to repair damaged cells, increase circulation, speed up metabolism and improve
hydration to cells. Rich in Nacre, pearl even supports eyesight, nourishes skin, improves sleep and promotes blood circulation. It also contains high levels of Collagen.

Pearl is beneficial for the SHEN (SPIRIT) of a person, calming their mind, soothing the Spirit and bringing a sense of peace, wellbeing and overall health to their body.  It supports both heart and liver meridians.  Use as directed.

Natural Ingredients: 100% Freshwater Pearl Powder.

Directions for Use:
Add to a glass of water or juice
(8 oz) twice to three times a day or as directed by a Medical
Practitioner. Please Use as directed.

1/8 TSP = 300 MG or 1/4 TSP = 500 MG