Cupping n’ Moxa by Dr. Tisa

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Cupping n’ Moxa by Dr. Tisa


"Cupping n’ Moxa" by Dr. Tisa

Introducing, "Cupping" and Moxibustion! This is where two Ancient Healing Arts meet and become one!

The combination is magnificent when you discover how they work synergistically to relieve pain and blocked energy at the same time.

Cupping was developed thousands of years ago and utilized in Africa, China and most of the Muslim and Ancient Worlds as a non-invasive tool for healing.

Moxibustion, utilizing the healing power of Moxa aka Mugwort, has been long revered in Ancient China as a tremendous means of clearing Meridian Channels, invisible channels of energy connected to our body, which are responsible for awakening your body with more "ebb and flow" of good energy or "qi".

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