Wellness Tests Available

Since October 2020, APRWI has offered the following Wellness Tests for the convenience of our Patients and Clients:

With CanAlt Health Laboratories, we now offer access to the following Wellness Tests for our Clients & Patients:
1. Hair Mineral Analysis: Research shows that trace minerals and metals are accumulated at concentrations that are 10-50 % higher in hair. Toxic metals rarely remain in the blood or urine for long, but often deposit in the hair where they can be measured over a three month period.

2. IgG Food Intolerances: There is growing evidence that food-specific IgG antibodies can be linked to many chronic health conditions. CanAlt’s IgG food intolerance test is a valuable tool to take out the guesswork and help patients to a better quality of life. The test uses micro-array based ELISA technology that measures IgG antibody levels to over 200 different foods. The panel includes the foods that are common to food intolerances, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybean, and nuts as well as foods that can lead to an insensitivity, but may not be suspected, such as cola nut, rice, sunflower and sesame seeds.

3. Breast Milk DHA: Higher levels of DHA omega-3 in breast milk and higher DHA intakes by infants have been associated with: Better performance in neuro-behavioural functioning amongst infants; Improved visual acuity; Improved hand-eye coordination; Lower risk of bronchitis and bronchiolitis. Have your Breast Milk tested to eliminate the anxiety and assist you with planning a healthier diet for your baby!

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