⦿ APRWI Founded
In June of 2004, A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute (APRWI) was formed as a Sole Proprietorship in North York, Ontario, Canada, by Dr. Tisa Farrell Muhammad.  In 2018, APRWI was organized as a legal partnership for the first time since its inception fourteen (14) years ago. 

⦿ APRWI Objective
To provide a globally accessible vanguard model of traditional wholistic healthcare and wellness educational services through the introduction of a new educational paradigm of thought and a re-newed perspective of hope, healing & self-empowerment.
⦿ About APRWI
We are a Social Enterprise.  A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute, through its associates & staff, provides educational classes & tools in Wellness, Agriculture, Culinary Arts, Self-Cultivation & Wholistic Medicine.  We offer Bilingual Services to our Clients.
⦿ A Unique Approach to Education
Since February 2005, we have brought our classes to a city near you.  Our classes are offered in various global and diverse communities, providing our students with a unique hands-on educational experience. The ideal student for our program is an individual that seeks to travel, is a humanitarian at heart & whose classroom is a world of opportunities!
⦿ APRWI Staff & Trustees
Dr. Tisa Muhammad, President/Visionary/Founder- Toronto, Ontario
Nicole A. Muhammad, Vice President/Visionary/Practitioner- Bakersfield, California
Kai Robertson, Operations Advisor/Manager- Chicago, Illinois
Luqman Taulibdeen, Public Relations Manager- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Papa Abdou Faye, Africa Organizer/Manager- Senegal, West Africa
Brandon Brooks, Jamaica Organizer/Manager- Jamaica, West Indies
Asad Shabazz, Puerto Rico Organizer/Manager- Puerto Rico, USA
Renelle Gabriel, Trinidad & Tobago Organizer/Manager- Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.
Dr. ChenziRa Kahina, Virgin Islands Organizer/Manager- Virgin Islands, USA
Shahla Muhammad, Greater Toronto Area Manager - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


⦿ Professional Associations
Young People in Action
, Asad Shabazz, Columbus, Ohio
PerAnkh Khamniversity
, Dr. ChenziRa Kahina, Virgin Islands, USA


⦿   Sponsors & Friends of APRWI