Crop Circles

(a note to Queen Afua)
Collectively, as Healers of this Planet Earth, we are forming a forcefield of Spiritual Crop Circles. When we study the Crop Circles found and formed in various parts of this Planet, we discover that something amazing occurs within the interior of these Celestial art forms! The frequency and the vibration found within the perimeter of the circle is higher than that outside of the circle.
The vibration these Crop Circles carry is another form of light. Since it is unseen, it can be referred to, for all intents and purposes, as some form of  “black light”.  These Crop circles are thus, magnificent representations of these forcefields of unseen or black light. But, it doesn't stop there. The vibration is not only higher within, but various experiments show that its vibrational frequency places a signature on the very seeds of the plants within the circle, which mimic the same vibrational rate and continue to duplicate themselves and grow their offspring with this special vibrational signature.  
We are the seed producers of a New paradigm of  Healing Warriors. The more that gather within these circles, the higher the frequency. The more that change the way they think, the greater the seed production and thus, the greater chance for us to duplicate our selves. Don't worry about being the “only one” in any City on this Planet, as your being there is as a seed planted in good soil.
In fact, the “dirtier” the environment in your City, the greater your  ability to grow and to crop and raise up New Seed Warriors of this Healing Mission! Don't be Afraid, Go Ahead & Duplicate Your Self! Let’s not waste any more time. Go to Work!
Collectively, Beautiful Ones, we are calling the soldiers of the Most High to gather by the waters given to us through this new paradigm of change. We are being called to gather and form these Crop Circles of “black light”. We are being called to Duplicate the light that is within our circles and to spread this light to all! Awaken the sleeping lions & call them to life~! Don't be afraid of your self. It was said by the Most Hon Elijah Muhammad to Accept Our Own and Be Ourselves, together, Let’s Do This!~  Today is our Day! We are Children of the Most High. We are Warriors of the Black Light… Rise up! Reclaim Your Name and Your Fame!!~ Asé!!~
~Dr Tisa Muhammad,
Visionary Founder of A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute

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