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Miss Janie’s Yoni Cleanse Kit™
Miss Janie’s Yoni Cleanse Kit™

A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute™

Miss Janie’s Yoni Cleanse Kit™

Miss Janie's Yoni Cleanse Kit™

This special vaginal douching kit is durable enough to withstand boiling water as well as cold temperatures.  Free of BPA and other harmful chemicals, this is a wonderful addition to a woman's personal hygiene routine.  Can be used with vinegar, lemon/lime and other herbal concoctions, safely to assist your vagina in obtaining a natural pH for better womb wellness.

One suggested Douching Recipe:
1 Tbsp of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother in it)  added to 300 ml of warm water. Shake gently then douche with it as needed.  
Available online or for pick up at our location in Mississauga.