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Rose Water Drops
Rose Water Drops
Rose Water Drops

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Rose Water Drops



Marhaba Arq-e-Gulab Drops (Rose Water Drops) are for cleaning of eyes, moisturizing skin & for makeup removal.

Marhaba Arq-e-Gulab Drops (Rose Water Drops) is: A good refresher for eyes, relieving tired eyes and soothing allergies. An effective moisturizer and make up remover. Refreshes the face and skin and gives it a glow. For soft supple and radiant skin massage with few drops.

Softens coarse skin and pores. A beautiful scented moisturizer, perfect after a bath to leave a light rose scent on your skin. 

For cleaning of face simply wash with Marhaba Rose Water. Add Marhaba Rose Water to face cream for extra radiance. To make your skin fresh, mix Marhaba Rose Water with glycerine and use it as an effective natural moisturizer. To treat dryness of face and for a clear complexion, use rose water with equal amounts of lemon juice and glycerin, mix and gently rub on skin. 

Marhaba Rose Water can be used as a wash to reduce skin blemishes and oily skin. It has been in used for centuries to enhance beauty in Ancient Egypt and around the World.

  • To Clear Eyes
  • Moisturizer and make up remover
  • Refreshes the face and skin and gives it a glow

Manufactured by: Marhaba Pvt Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan