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RiSE™ I Ionic Body Detox System Unit (18 Amp Unit)
RiSE™ I Ionic Body Detox System Unit (18 Amp Unit)
Foot Reflexology Chart: Showing a connection to every organ
RiSE™ I Ionic Body Detox System Unit (18 Amp Unit)


RiSE™ I Ionic Body Detox System Unit (18 Amp Unit)


RiSE™ Ionic Body Detox System

Experience a Restorative Healing System in Your Own Home!

What is the Ionic Pro Whole Body Detox System?
The RiSE™ Ionic Body Detox System water energizing system is a Detox Foot Bath and Body Energy Balancer using Bio-Electric Field Enhancement (BEFE) technology.

How it Works?
The RiSE™ Ionic Body Detox System machine is a water energizing system that creates healing electromagnetic frequencies (Negative Ions) in the foot bath that are then transferred to your body. Your body which has various toxins (Positive Ions),  through this system are changed and your body absorbs the energy it needs from the water and this, in turn, re-balances your body's bio-electric field, enabling you to experience radiant health, less pain (of all kinds), and stimulation of the Immune System.  Now, we can use modern technology to transform our health and encourage better healing.  By the way, this unit ONLY PRODUCES NEGATIVE IONIC Charges.

What you May feel?
Through the testimonials of many who have experienced the RiSE™ Ionic Body Detox System, they have stated that they feel a new burst of energy, relaxation and overall peace of mind.  You too can experience natural healing and a re-balancing of the body's bio-electrical field. 

How Powerful is the RiSE™ Ionic Body Detox System?
Other Commercial Units are currently only able to provide 2 to 3 Amps of DIGITAL Energy, which the body is unable to process. 

Our power control unit has 18 amps of ANALOG Energy and our Systems only use Analog Power, the same as the body is able to process. Actually, only the Q2™ machine also uses Analog Energy, however, it sells for over $4,000!

Are there Better Costs for Healing?
Compared to other systems you can get from Asia that price for less wholesale at $50 to $60, however, they are not as effective.  In comparison, this RiSE™ Ionic Body Detox System is a system that works, pound for pound, in producing results in a short amount of time.  Its performance is along the lines of other comparable systems that cost thousands of dollars for hundreds of dollars less! It is worth a lot more than what you have to pay.

Which Array is compatible with the RiSE™ Ionic Body Detox System?
Our system is compatible with the Dyna-Flow Array & Dyna-Flow Max Array. Purchase your Arrays on this site.

Quality Guaranteed!
This System is Made in the USA and Sold Manufacturer Direct with a 2 Year Warranty.

Patients and practitioners using this machine
have reported many benefits including:

  1. Energizing effect in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  2. Increased overall energy levels
  3. Less pain and swelling from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus
  4. Stopping a Gout attack in its tracks
  5. Helping reduce the swelling of Edema
  6. Benefit from Healing Analog Frequencies similar to a Rife Machine
  7. Improved sleep
  8. An Overall sense of well being
  9. Benefit from Full Body Toxin Cleanse
  10. Healing Affect of Negative Ionic Therapy 
  11. Strengthening neuromuscular function in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  12. Supportive therapy in Cancer Recovery
  13. Reduction of Diabetic Neuropathy
  14. Normalizing Renal function
  15. Normalizing effect in Autism
  16. Symptomatic improvement in Parkinson's Disease and stroke
  17. Improved memory in early Alzheimer's disease
  18. Enhanced detoxification and excretion of toxic heavy metals
  19. Decrease in inflammation resulting from injury, illness, or surgery
  20. Detoxifying the body after Chemo Therapy
  21. Faster recovery following Surgery and elimination of Anesthesia residue

Now you can Experience a Relaxing, Restorative Healing System in the Comfort of Your Home!

Our RiSE™ Ionic Body Detox System (18 Amp Unit) System comes Complete with the following:
1. ONE (1) DynaFlow™  patent pending Array made of 100% Stainless Steel (compatible with our system)

2. FREE UPGRADE to our 12th Generation Array which includes:
One (1) Set Extra Long Cables w/ 24k plated GOLD Connectors to the Power Unit

3. Our Cables use only 100% OXYGEN FREE COPPER WIRE for maximum efficiency!