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45 Day DeTox Teas by APRWI


The 45-Day DeTox Teas offered by APRWI, Inc. embody a transformative journey towards cleansing and revitalization. Crafted with a blend of premium herbs and carefully curated with botanicals renowned for their detoxifying properties, these teas are tailored to support the body's natural cleansing processes.


Designed to gently eliminate toxins, boost metabolism, and promote overall wellness, these teas serve as a soothing and effective addition to a detox regimen. With a carefully curated selection of ingredients, including herbs like dandelion, milk thistle, and ginger, or Ayurvedic traditional blends like Triphala, these teas aim to support liver health, aid digestion, and promote a sense of rejuvenation.


The 45-day duration allows for a gradual, sustainable cleanse, ensuring a harmonious detoxification experience for those seeking to embark on a path towards enhanced well-being.


The Special Teas featured are as follows:

  1. AS Ankh Seneb: GastroIntestinal Purification Tea blend
  2. bDx Purify Brain Tea: Brain & Gut Tea blend
  3. GDx Guerrilla DeTox: Flukes Elimination Tea blend
  4. HDx Love: Heart Tea blend
  5. KDx Flush: Kidney Tea blend
  6. LDx Release: Liver Tea blend
  7. LLDx Breathe: Lung Tea blend
  8. pDx Purification: Prostate Tea blend
  9. PDx Synergy: Pancreas Tea blend
  10. SDx Resurrection: Spleen Tea blend
  11. SW Seti Was: GastroIntestinal & Parasite Tea blend
  12. WDx Purification:  Womb Tea blend


45 Day Detox Teas by APRWI