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Dr. Tisa's Wholistic Assessment I ™


Dr. Tisa's Wholistic Assessment I ™

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Dr. Tisa's Wholistic Assessment I

Duration: 90 Mins.

What is it?

An Initial Overall Health Assessment is a 1 to 1/2 hour session where your health concerns are thoroughly discussed and reviewed by a Wholistic Practitioner of Natural Medicine. Your case is completely reviewed and a follow-up visit is scheduled within one week.  The Client is given the initial treatment plan of their Program to begin to prepare them and assist with the detoxification process until their followup.  This is a COMPLETE WHOLISTIC ASSESSMENT by Dr. Tisa Muhammad.


What does it involve?
A review of all of your systems is conducted. Your current Vitals are taken. An appointment is scheduled within one week to present the results of the Initial Assessment and to continue the program and/or add other suggestions.

An initial overall health assessment is followed up with a 90 day Health Program including Dietary Suggestions, Nutrients, Affirmations and Health Coaching. Followup is done at completion of the 90 days where the program is adjusted or continued as necessary.  There is a cost involved with each month afterwards, which will be discussed.


Disclaimer: This  is NOT a MEDICAL EXAMINATION. This is NOT DONE by a Licensed Medical Physician. This is NOT a DIAGNOSIS. This is not meant to replace your current healthcare program provided by a Licensed Medical Practitioner. Please consult with your Physician as needed.

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