Medical Intuitive Assessment Reading™
Medical Intuitive Assessment Reading™

Medical Intuitive Assessment Reading™

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DURATION: 45 Mins.

Ever WONDER what the ORIGIN of a Condition is? How you or a loved one DEVELOPED this current “dis-ease” has an imprint in your emotional state of thinking at the time of its’ inception, of which we may not be aware. Let’s journey back & explore. This may give you some insight into what may be the cause of your current issues as well as some ideas as to how to assist with releasing it.

Remember that "Knowing is Half the Battle..."


Disclaimer: This  is NOT a MEDICAL EXAMINATION. This is NOT DONE by a Licensed Medical Physician. This is NOT a DIAGNOSIS. This is not meant to replace your current healthcare program provided by a Licensed Medical Practitioner. Please consult with your Physician as needed.

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