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Wolof Womb Detox Therapy™


Wolof Womb Detox Therapy™


Wolof Womb Detox Therapy

Duration: 30 Min.

This Abdominal Therapy is specifically directed to the Uterus also known as a "Fertility Massage".  Traditionally used as a healing tool by midwives for thousands of years, it has remained a hidden secret in some cultures, taught to only a few women, however, the results have proven to be beneficial to all women and deserves to be provided to support the restoration of womb health. 

Experience an ancient therapeutic Womb Detox Therapeutic Massage practiced in various cultures around the world. This is usually provided after a therapeutic Yoni Steam. Through the use of specific stones, oils and essential oils, we work on therapeutically stimulating the blood flow to the abdominal region, uterus and intestines. The benefits are a gentle detox designed specifically for women.

Prior to your treatment you are served a beneficial Womb Tea of your choice to enhance detoxification. This is prescribed as a part of the Womb Wellness Therapeutic System. Therapeutic treatments are done for a minimum of 3 months with one Yoni Steam a Month, supportive Yoni Pearls and Yoni Teas are available for an additional cost.

Traditional Benefits of Womb Detox Therapy

  1. Womb & Liver Detoxification
  2. Improved Menses & PMS
  3. Has been used to improve Fertility
  4. Helps to reposition a tilted uterus
  5. Tonifies Gastro-Intestinal System
  6. Increased Hormone Balance
  7. Promotes scar tissue healing 
  8. Improves rich blood, lymph and chi circulation to the uterus, ovaries and cervix
  9. Increased Mental Relaxation


What’s included: Herbal Tea & Aromatherapy. 

Pre-Requisite: Womb Health Wholistic Assessment


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