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Wholistic Health Support Coach™


Wholistic Health Support Coach™

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Wholistic Health Support Coach

Duration: 1 Month (As Needed)

What is it?
This is simply positive, inspirational Health Coaching, as needed, whenever- for whatever! 

This can come alongside your 90 Day Health Program and lasts for a month, for every month until the end of your program or your condition. You decide.

What does it involve?
This involves simple adjustments or inspirational conversations designed to encourage you to get THROUGH your current challenges.  

Included: Dietary Suggestions, Nutrients, Affirmations and Health Coaching. We are walking with you through this journey of Wellness. Don't be afraid. You have the ability to heal yourself with the right amount of encouragement. 

Physician, Heal Thyself!



Disclaimer: This  is NOT a MEDICAL EXAMINATION. This is NOT DONE by a Licensed Medical Physician. This is NOT a DIAGNOSIS. This is not meant to replace your current healthcare program provided by a Licensed Medical Practitioner. Please consult with your Physician as needed.