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Wadjet Tea by Nutri19
Wadjet Tea
Wadjet Tea by Nutri19
Wadjet Tea by Nutri19

A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute™

Wadjet Tea by Nutri19

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"Wadjet Tea" by Nutri19

This is an Herbal Matcha (Powder) blend that was formulated by Dr. Tisa Muhammad of A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute, April 2021,  based on an old remedy that has been time-tested and used to effectively treat most eye disease conditions, bringing health, balance and restoration to the overall system as well.

What is it?
Compounded with Love, this tea blend is deliciously rich in Vitamins A, C, Anthocyanins and Antioxidants that have traditionally been known to balance and support not only proper Eye health, but also benefit Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular and Circulatory health through restoration by nourishment.

Why "Wadjet"?
The Wadjet is known in Ancient Khemet as an association with one's "Third Eye" and as such, has become quite popular for it's association with the physical and spiritual realm. We thought it would be an excellent name for a tea like this!


Is it safe to use with my meds?
Yes! This formula contains food and herbs that can safely be incorporated with your current medicines. If any adverse reactions, please
adjust intake or simply stop using.

How do I use it?
Directions for Use: Add 1 level teaspoon to 8 oz of hot or warm water, to your smoothies or pure juice, 2x/day or as advised by your Medical Practitioner.

Tea Notes:

Herbal, Sweet & lightly Spicy.

Dark Mauve

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blended by:
A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute

100% Organic by Default Ingredients:

Love, Golden Seal Root, Eyebright, Bayberry Bark, Bilberry fruit, Baobab Fruit,
Butterfly Pea, Black Java Plum, Fennel Seed, Cinnamon, Black Seed, Burdock
Root, Sarsparilla Root, Rugosa Rose, Cayenne fruit, Red Rasperry leaf, Mango
Pulp, Vitamin A Palmitate & Stevia Leaf.