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Miss Janie’s™ Yoni Steam Pot II
Miss Janie’s™ Yoni Steam Pot II
Miss Janie’s™ Yoni Steam Pot II
Miss Janie’s™ Yoni Steam Pot II


Miss Janie’s™ Yoni Steam Pot II

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Miss Janie’s™ Yoni Steam Pot II


What is a Yoni?
Yoni is the Sanskrit name for the female sexual organs.  "Yoni" literally translates to mean "The Womb or The Origin". 

What is a Yoni Steam?
“Yoni Steaming” is a Vaginal Steam which, t
raditionally, has been used as a healing tool by midwives for thousands of years.  Traditionally it has been used to treat Vaginal issues, for retightening and rejuvenation of vaginal tissue and is still used today around the world by women seeking better womb wellness.

It has resurfaced recently and was made popular by many female celebrities seeking chemical-free health and wellbeing therapeutic treatments.

Now, you too can experience an ancient therapeutic Vaginal steam practiced in various cultures around the world.

How is it done?
This treatment involves sitting on the Miss Janie’s™ Yoni Steam Pot II using either pure water or an infusion of gentle steaming herbs, as needed  

What are the Benefits of a Yoni Steam?
The benefits are a gentle stimulating detox designed specifically for women. Through incorporating warm steam (not scalding steam!), this treatment opens up the capillaries and blood vessels, encouraging more blood flow to the vaginal tissue, vagina and cervix. This treatment is beneficial for naturally supporting the restoration of Vaginal tissue, correcting Vaginal issues, Menstrual discomfort, Fibroids, etcetera and for retightening and rejuvenation of vaginal tissue, as it promotes better hormonal balance.

This is prescribed as a part of the Womb Wellness Therapeutic System. Therapeutic treatments are done for a minimum of 3 months with one Yoni Steam a Month, supportive Yoni Pearls and Yoni Teas are available for an additional cost.

What’s included: 


More Info on Yoni Steaming Benefits:
"9 Reasons To Start Yoni Steaming Now" by Sierra Brashear

"Vaginal steaming: Does it work and is it safe?"

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