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igarab! gui Café Tūbā™
igarab! gui Café Tūbā™

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igarab! gui Café Tūbā™


Café Tuba

In 1902, when Founder of the Holy City Touba (Arabic "Intense Joy"), Sufi Sheikh Amadou Bamba Mbacké, returned to Senegal after several years of exile in Gabon- he came bearing more than just his beautiful poetic words of Spiritual wisdom.  

Lovingly called "the Holy Servant of the Messenger of God," Serigne Amadou Bamba came with a drink that would change the course of history for the people of Senegal & Coffee Drinkers of the World!

Distinctly flavoured with Grains of Selim (Djar) & Cloves, this healthful beverage is considered to be a spiced coffee and one of the best-kept secrets of Senegal! Like Chai is to tea, Café Touba sits in its' own seat amongst gourmet coffees and like its Founder, will continue to remain indelible in the hearts of many who discover its innumerable benefits to good health.

Enjoy a cup & share the Joy!

Use 2 Tablespoons of Café Tūbā to every cup of Water.
Brew, Prepare, Serve as preferred.


It is served in particular during ceremonies, commemorations or magals.