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HEM's "How to Eat to Live" Meal Planning™: Vegetarian!


HEM's "How to Eat to Live" Meal Planning™: Vegetarian!

$45.00 $30.00

DURATION: 30 Mins to 2 hours (choose package)

Have you decided to take the Big Leap into a “Vegetarian Lifestyle”? Now that you have decided to eat no more meat, can it still be ‘Delicious’?

Do you need some insight into how to properly improve your eating habits with healthier food options?

We provide you with some recipe ideas and help you to plan better for a healthier life based on The Most Hon Elijah Muhammad’s world-renown program of HOW TO EAT TO LIVE, Books 1 & 2.

We assist you with preparing basic dishes that you can innovate on and expand your palate while inspiring your family to enjoy it with you!

This is a pain-free, pleasurable experience. Are you ready to make THAT change?

Book your session today. You provide the kitchen and we will plan the meal.