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Bio-Resonance Feedback Analysis & META-Therapy


Bio-Resonance Feedback Analysis & META-Therapy

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What is Bio-Resonance Feedback Therapy?
Bio-Resonance Feedback Therapy is a quantum physics-based technology that both analyzes, assesses and then addresses blockages in the meridian channel of the human body.  

Bio-Resonance originates from the word "resonate" or to be in tune, in synchronization, in balance, thus, this therapy tool is a means of reestablishing that much needed balance in a very stressful world.

What is a Meridian?
A meridian is an invisible energy highway in the human body through which the Qi (Chi) energy flows. Through the meridians, the Qi is able to access every single organ.  These channels flow within the body and not on the surface, existing in corresponding Yin/Yang pairs. Acupuncture/Acupressure points are found along its pathway. There are 12 Main Meridians in the human body.

How does stress affect the Meridian Channels?
When One is at rest or at peace, these meridian channels are open and allow the Qi energy to flow freely, thus, with an understanding that stress causes One to develop blockages in their natural flow of energy and through their meridian channels, it is through these blockages that actual dis-ease and illnesses eventually develop.

What is META-Therapy?
META-Therapy through the use of frequency and sonar waves, this non-invasive, painless treatment strengthens the immune system, first by analyzing the entire organ system. Through a series of signals sent through your brain, electromagnetic oscillations that are representative of healthy organs return information in a six stage process that can be easily perceived by the sensors and interpreted for the client. This therapy detects 12 Major Systems, Hundreds of Organs, Glands, Cells and more! This therapy is considered to be so gentle that it is safe enough for pregnant women and children. 

What is involved?
During your session, you will be able to relax and have the headphones on.  You will be carefully assessed through the machine and the origin of your complaint will be reviewed and then treatment follows through the use of sonar waves. This is an intensive process which will require a followup session (cost included).  Suggestions will be made at that time as well as a detailed Wellness Health Program of 90 to 180 days.

This is not designed to replace your current medical physician's advice. This is NOT A MEDICAL EXAMINATION or DIAGNOSTIC TREATMENT.

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